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Want to Make Sure Your Heating System Is Properly Maintained?

Why Having a Heating Service Contractor Is Important

If you have a heating or HVAC system in place in your home, then you should give some thought to investing in a heating service.

In the HVAC industry, equipment servicing is often preceded by service contracts. The primary purpose of this is defining the terms of service, in addition to the length, cost, and what needs to be done, and each package is unique to each service. These contracts can include full-coverage, full-labor, inspections, preventative-maintenance, and end-use contracts.

The most extensive contract is a full-coverage one. The likes of materials, parts, labor, preventative maintenance and emergency services are usually included. Repair and replacement coverage is often included or is available to purchase as part of this contract, and this places the full responsibility of all the equipment squarely on to the contractor. These are the most expensive contracts there are, however, cost-effective in the long run. Contractors will frequently terminate them early when they foresee mounting equipment costs.

Unlike a full-coverage, a full-labor contract will not cover the installation of parts, which includes items like air compressors, chillers, and boilers. Instead, it is focused on HVAC repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Large building owners that can afford such equipment from manufacturers are the only ones who will benefit from this agreement.

A preventative-maintenance contract will include scheduled routine work and include belt and filter replacements, coil cleaning, the lubrication of motors, and painting to prevent corrosion. These heating service contracts are cheaper upfront; however, they can end up being more costly in the long run. An inspection service contract can be purchased on an annual basis and can include a certain number of inspections. The tasks performed are simpler, and material costs may or may not be included in it.

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