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Two Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor if You Want to Have Cleaner Interior Air

How to Get the Most From Your HVAC System?

If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, hayfever, or asthma, then the following post is a must-read. Using the furnace filter to clean your home’s interior air can actually put stress on your furnace. So make sure to ask your HVAC contractor these two questions if you want to prevent any future furnace issues.

Many of today’s air-cleaning furnace filters do place undue stress on your HVAC system, which results in premature wearing. So if you are either replacing or installing a furnace, and your first priority is cleaner interior air, there are two vital questions that you need to ask your furnace contractor which will ensure you achieve all your clean-air goals and head off any costly HVAC repairs. Don’t need a new furnace? It could be possible to modify your pre-existing one instead?

Question 1: Is it possible to increase the filter area?

Sometimes, your HVAC contractor would increase the filtration area by creating space for a secondary air-cleaning filter, this will allow more air to reach the blower. This can be done in either one of two ways:

  • Add more ductwork to allow a second filter to be installed adjacent to it, but not too close to the actual furnace.
  • Cut space for the secondary filter on a side of the housing that is adjacent to the first, or, just below the blower housing.

Question 2: Is there sufficient room for a thicker filter?

Your HVAC contractor will need to check to see if there is sufficient space to accommodate a high-quality 5-inch pleated air-cleaning filter, this is comparable to having 10 of the cheaper, flat filters working together. This will often mean modifying the ductwork and installing a frame that will be able to fit the thicker filter.

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