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Tips from Reliable HVAC Service Providers

Does Your Furnace Need Repairs? These Signs Will Tell You!

Many people don’t pay attention to their furnace until it completely stops working. However, adopting this approach isn’t advisable since it will leave you with serious heating issues that are expensive and perhaps even impossible to fix. So, instead of ignoring your heating equipment, you’ll want to monitor it closely and have it checked and repaired by trusted technicians when needed. You’ll know that it’s time to call an HVAC service provider if these signs are present:

Yellow Pilot Light

Spare a few minutes to check your furnace’s pilot light and take note of its color. If it’s bright blue, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if the pilot light is yellow, it can indicate a carbon monoxide leak and should be checked by a professional ASAP.

Poor Performance

One sign that your furnace is on the fritz is the lack of warm air. If your indoor temperature isn’t as warm as you want it to be, or if your furnace is literally blowing out ice-cold air, it’s time to have it inspected by a professional HVAC technician.

Increased Energy Consumption

A lot of heating issues can cause furnaces to overwork so they can compensate for the decrease in performance, and this can lead to higher energy consumption. So, if your energy bill has increased but you haven’t made any changes to your routine, call your HVAC technician and have the furnace checked right away.

If you notice one or more of these signs, feel free to contact a reliable HVAC company like Airteks HVAC Services. We are based in Stockton, CA, and we offer a professional and reliable HVAC service to property owners in the area. Reach out to us now at (209) 213-3915 to know more about our heating and cooling solutions and schedule an appointment with us!