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The Two Sides of Your AC System and Its Associated Parts

The Most Commonly Performed HVAC Repair

If you have never had an HVAC system before, then you need to know what the most common HVAC repair jobs are. This post will go into more detail on what they are.

Every air conditioning system comes with 2 halves:

1. The low-pressure half which includes the metering and evaporator, allowing the liquid refrigerant to absorb all of the heat in your home.

2. The high-pressure half which includes the compressor and condenser, allowing the vaporized refrigerant to remove the heat to the exterior of your home.

Cold Liquid Absorbs The Hot Air in the Evaporator

In your home, the refrigerant starts as a cold liquid that absorbs the heat in your air. This all occurs within the evaporator, a series of coiled pipes that stores the refrigerant is kept under low pressures in order to quickly absorb heat.

Low pressure ensures that the refrigerant has a low boiling point, in fact, it is so low, that the cold refrigerant will sometimes boil into a vapor when hotter room-temperature air makes contact with it.

Which of These Parts Fail the Most?

Fortunately, none of these parts are the most prone to failure. This is a badge of honor goes to the contractor and start capacitor, which is 2 pieces of electrical equipment that allows your machine to operate. The fan motor, which is found on the exterior AC unit, will often fail and will need to be replaced.

Which is the Most Expensive to Repair?

Without question, the most expensive part will be the compressor, this is a combination of part motor and part vapor compressor. If, after a few years it fails, then, cost-effective wise, it may be time to consider buying a new machine. Because once the compressor fails, it can often jeopardize other parts of the system, because debris from the motor and compressor sheathing will begin to invade the entire system.

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