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Not Every Service Is the Same!

Are There Different Kinds of HVAC Service?

If you think that every HVAC service offers the same things you would be wrong, read this post of Airteks HVAC Services to find out why?

Different types of HVAC services can range from the repair, installation, and maintenance of heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems. A technician is someone that has been specifically trained to diagnose, install, maintain, and repair both the electrical and mechanical components that run these systems. The service personnel will have to be familiar with fuel and refrigerant requirements for any of these systems. Companies may offer this service to residential or industrial customers or, on occasion, a combination of both.

The installation of either central heating or air conditioning systems calls for not only connecting the appliance itself but can also include installing all the associated ductwork, this consists of the piping and tubing which will run to and from the system, along with performing all the associated wiring. Once the entire system is installed, the HVAC company will then check on its performance with the aid of tools that are specific to the trade. Initial system checks will also include making sure both the equipment and unit controls work as they should, in addition to ensuring the absence of air or fuel leaks.

Heating system-specific maintenance will involve inspecting all the gas or oil connections for any fire or health hazards. Using special tools, equipment and instruments, HVAC service technicians will check whether the gas that enters the furnace is at the correct pressure level. Maintenance will also include visually assessing the heat exchanger and burner combustion for any signs of dirt or damage, which will prevent a unit from working efficiently and safely. The maintenance of central air-conditioning entails a variety of checks that will include making sure all the drains allow condensation to flow properly.

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