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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your New Units

Installing the HVAC unit efficiently can have a huge effect on the overall performance and functionality of the new heater or air conditioner. If you install a new one or have the unit re-hauled, then you should make sure a trusted, reputable HVAC service provider does the installation to avoid these 3 common mistakes. To learn more about proper HVAC installation or schedule an appointment for your new unit, you should get in touch with your local technicians for your peace of mind! Below are 3 of the mistakes you have to avoid when installing a new unit for your home.

Putting too much refrigerant.

You have your HVAC system, and all that’s left to do is to add the refrigerant. Once you add too much refrigerant, your system will start malfunctioning. Don’t let this happen to you! If you add too much refrigerant, then you should follow the guidelines. Putting too much refrigerant will affect your unit, which will cost you a huge amount of money down the road. To be safe, it’s best to hire a technician. HVAC technicians are familiar with these procedures and will make sure that your systems are installed efficiently.

Installing it in the wrong area.

Your unit’s condenser is important for its overall performance. Often, the less work it does, the more efficiently your unit will run. It not only allows for optimal energy savings but also for optimal performance! How do you reduce the strain on the condenser? You can do that by maintaining it; however, on top of maintenance, you should install the condenser in the right area. In fact, the less sun it’s exposed to, the less hard it’ll have to work; hence, in installing your condenser, make sure it gets a lot of shade!

Improperly sealing the ducts.

One last mistake to look out for is improperly sealing the ductwork. In doing so, you can affect the overall performance and efficiency of your unit, letting forced air seep out of the gaps in the ducts as it passes through them! Often, there shouldn’t be any cracks in the ductwork, and all cracks should be closed up with a permanent sealer! Not tapes, which is only a temporary solution! If you need assistance in sealing your ductwork, you should call a local HVAC service provider who will ensure that your ductwork is tightly secured in their area.

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