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HVAC Service Guidelines on Freon

Why Do I Need a Licensed HVAC Technician to Refill Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a key component of an HVAC system. It is what helps the system to cool a space and move around the coils of the system. When it changes from gas to liquid, without this refrigerant, which is also referred to as Freon, your unit would not be able to work. That being said, when a system needs a top-up, the question is, can you do it yourself, or do you need to call in a professional HVAC service?

  • Refrigerant is a Toxic Chemical: As mentioned above, refrigerant is a vital component of your unit. Unfortunately, it is also extremely dangerous. As inhaling high concentrations of Freon results in breathing problems, organ damage, fluid build-up in the lungs, and on occasion, death. While limited exposure is only slightly dangerous, it is best to prevent contact with refrigerants completely.

  • Licensed Professionals are Trained: The last thing you should do is improperly handle a toxic chemical that your HVAC system needs. Not only is this be incredibly harmful to you, but it is bad for your system. If you get the wrong cooling agent, spill it, or don’t repair a leak properly, it can cause long-term issues for your system. A licensed HVAC technician knows of the dangers refrigerant presents and is trained to deal with it. They will be able to handle refrigerant in a safe way that is beneficial for you and the unit.

  • There Are Many Laws Governing itIf you are still aren’t convinced why you should let a licensed technician refill refrigerant, not a problem. You can take the law’s word for it instead! Yes, the Environment Protection Agency, requires that a licensed and certified HVAC technician must handle and purchase refrigerant. Anyone that does not have a license or an EPA certification is not permitted to buy or refill refrigerant.

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