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HVAC Repair System Hints for Troubleshooting the Most Common HVAC Problems

How to Stay on Top of HVAC Repairs?

An HVAC system can fail for any number of reasons. The ones we like best for our Airteks HVAC Services customers are easy fixes. We try to encourage our customers to first try the following when it comes to resolving common HVAC repair problems, we hope you find them useful :

Checking the circuit breaker

This can often be an easily overlooked issue, which can sometimes mean the problem is resolved with a quick flip of a switch.

Checking the filters are clean

HVAC systems do need regular air filter changes, however, this is something most people overlook also. So before you call us, check first if your filter is clean and is still able to filter properly.

Checking emergency switches

Check your system’s emergency switches, as they can often be inadvertently been turned off.

Checking the furnace door

Make sure that your furnace door is secure. If it is not, the system will not run. If none of these suggestions do the trick, the time has come to reach out to our HVAC service company.

Some helpful information you should have ready for our technician upon arrival, or even when you schedule the appointment:

Causes of concern

Was your HVAC system making any unusual noises? Did you smell any odd odors? Did you notice any unusual fluid leaks? Anything you think could be a cause for concern must be communicated.

Information pertaining to your system

What is the brand and model of your unit? How old is your system? When was it last serviced, and by whom?

Any additional information you can give to our service technicians, will all go to helping them to be better prepared when it comes to addressing your system’s problems.

If you need HVAC repair in the Stockton, CA area, please do not hesitate to call us today at (209) 213-3915 for an appointment.