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How to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Tips on Cost Savings from a Heating Service Provider

Many of our Airteks HVAC Services clients have asked us how they can reduce their heating service costs and energy bills. Read our post now on how you can achieve this.

There are several ways that you can save money on heating, and the most appropriate methods will depend on your particular situation. You can compare the rates from different companies that provide gas or electricity to make sure you are paying the lowest rates possible. It can be advantageous also to make sure your heater is providing heat effectively in order to reduce the costs of energy wasted when using ineffective heating.

To save money on heating, you should consider how much you are paying for heating to begin with. Depending on the heating you use in your home, you should speak to your electric or gas company and compare what you are paying with others in the area. You should also make sure you are on the best plan that suits all of your needs.

You can also save money on heating by making sure the heating appliances you have are working properly. Meaning, checking to see if your heater or heaters are producing heat effectively and it is coming through your vents properly. You could be spending excess money on heating due to faulty or improper venting which causes your heat to run more than necessary.

To save money on heating, you need to consider the heat loss in your home. You need to check to see if your walls are insulated properly, especially in attics or crawl spaces, as heat naturally rises. If you have large windows, consider using heavy curtains to prevent heat loss through the windows. Also, having a professional heating audit on your home will show you what the hot spots are with regards to heat loss.

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