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Avoid Costly HVAC Repair by Avoiding These

Know What You Should Avoid When Installing AC Units

If you’ve just purchased a new air conditioning unit for your home and are looking for an HVAC repair technician to have it installed, then it’s best to know some of the mistakes an inexperienced technician can make. Other things can go wrong with installing your new unit and negatively affect its overall performance. Below are 3 of the common air conditioning installation mistakes you should learn about.

Wrong thermostat placement

Your thermostat plays an important role in determining the amount of work your AC unit has to use for optimal efficiency. If you’ve installed a thermostat near a heat-generating device such as lamps, then it’ll always be exposed to heat. For that reason, your HVAC will have to work harder for extended periods, leading to the reduced lifespan of the unit, increased maintenance costs, unhealthy humidity levels, inadequate cooling, and increased energy consumption.

Inefficient indoor air quality

Having polluted air in your house can also affect the efficiency of your AC. different factors can cause indoor air contamination, including uncleaned carpets, pollen, resins, mildew, mold, and other related things. Mainly, the indoor air gets affected due to higher humidity and inadequate air circulation. Often, the presence of such pollutants inside your house can affect the performance of your unit. You can deal with this problem by hiring a reputable HVAC technician, who can guide you on how you can minimize pollution inside your house.

Wrong placement of the HVAC unit

Installing HVAC units in the right position is increasingly important because it has a huge impact on energy efficiency. Try installing your unit in a humid area so that it won’t have to work harder to produce the required cooling. When installing an AC unit, make sure that it’s tilted backward to allow proper drainage. Besides, having adequate is an important factor for the optimal efficiency of your unit to keep the energy bills lower.

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